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As a medical student and academic at
the Amsterdam
UMC - VUmc my vision is to become a cyber-surgeon, designing and implementing bionics and restoring the faces of misfortunate people.


Actor, content creator, designer. Whether it is physical, visual or even spiritual. I love to create and share with the intention of creating value in every project I involve myself in.



Webdesign | Branding | Courses | Clothing

Made with love in Amstelveen, this platform attracts thousands of unique visitors a month although this site was very specifically made for students at the VUmc in Amsterdam.

Xpert Clinics CTS Prediction Interface

Webdesign | Branding | Machine Learning | Infographics

For my master thesis in medicine I designed and created a prediction interface that uses a huge database to make personal predictions for patients. Developed for Xpert Clinics (part of Equipe zorgbedrijven) and EMC department of plastic surgery.

Oscar van Rooij


"Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be" Oscar is a life coach and one of the trainers at Tony Robbins events. I designed his logo and branding guide including a website.

Hali Neto

Web Design | Logo | Branding

Portfolio website for artists. Website was fully created in Webflow. This website includes a working CMS system for adding news and portfolio items as well as adding more credentials. Site is equipped with scroll animations, sliders and loading animations.

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